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PO Empaques Flexibles (PO Flexible Packaging)

We are a specialized industry in production and manufacturing of laminated film BOPP, polyethylene and polyester. Bags to pack, stand up pouches, tubular rolls, pigmented low density polyethylene tape, co extruded tape, shrink and BOPP tape for automatic packing, just like manufacturing and print of plastic labels for beverage bottles and clean articles.


Our experience on department Product's Project permits us offer to our clients several alternatives even work with them together to obtain better result into packing lines and their product.

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Personalized Attention

You can solicit us a quotation by this web if you want it. However, also we offer you a home visit, no commitment for you, with objective to understand details of your project or product which you are interested to packing with our pickings..
Year by year into Expo Pack

Part of our tradition is go to this important fair which, we don't do it just for have clients, also for us the annual adventure to receive new challenges, grow and improve our processes and technological scope.